Get your STEEM-USD Funded through our Authorised P2P TRADERS (AGENTS) to your STEEM-USD Wallet for Crypto Arbitrage Trading on the STEEM/USD pair.

Minimum Amount to get Funded: $15

Maximum Amount to get Funded: $700

STEEM-USD limit is pegged at $700 to ensure NAIRA PAYMENTS through our BANKING Channels are paid out within mins almost instantly. This is as a result of smaller denominations of values of transactions get to be processed faster on the NAIRA Banking platform.

If you wish to TRADE more than this LIMIT to up to $50,000, kindly trade using TETHER USDT by trading the STEEM/USDT pair directly on the platform for unlimited Tradings. TETHER USDT does not slow down Liquidity Processing instantly because it runs on the Tether USDT Blockchain

Call/ SMS: +18633584940
WhatsApp: +18633584940
Bank: N/A