What is STEEMVERSE Crypto Arbitrage Trading Platform?

STEEMVERSE is the next generation of blockchain technology for the STEEMVERSE Crypto Arbitrage Trading Platform. STEEMVERSE is a new superb trading arbitrage platform where traders reward for trading the opportunities of the pairs that come with the STEEM Arbitrage within a stipulated duration.

SteemVerse is a social blockchain platform that computes trading of itself with stablecoins such as Tether USDT to make immediate revenue streams possible for users by rewarding them for the arbitrage of the STEEM/USDT and STEEM/NGN trading pair. 


Why Should I Trust & Trade with STEEMVERSE With The Crypto Arbitrage Platform It Offers?

You can be guaranteed of your funds and get to trust STEEMVERSE because STEEM has a Market Capitalization (The amount it's worth currently trading on the Crypto Market) of $62b. As of writing this answer, STEEM is currently trading at a price of N142 per STEEM currency. STEEM is currently trading as a currency on Binance, Bithumb, Bittrex, Huobi, Gate.io and Probit Global. You can rest assured that all are conveniently secured and you do not need to worry about them due to the large cache of transactions STEEM currently processes. This ensures that STEEMVERSE connects, and works with STEEM blockchain smart contract through API to facilitate ARBITRAGE transactions seamlessly.


How Do I Register with STEEMVERSE, Get Registered and Start Trading?

All you have to do is to click here to register your STEEMVERSE Account and verify the account with your means of identication to ensure you are verified. After doing that you can start trading on the available assests available for ARBITRAGE TRADING with what STEEMVERSE has got to offer.


How Do I Fund My Trading WALLET with TETHER USDT or with NAIRA?

To Get your account with STEEMVERSE FUNDED. There are 2 ways to get your account funded on STEEMVERSE:

1. You can login to your account and click on FUND USDT. Immediately after funding your account, you would need to trade the funds on the SPOT MARKET WINDOW to ensure you profit from it. There is no limit to funding your TRADING WALLET with TETHER USDT for trading with STEEMVERSE.

2. You can also get to fund your TRADING WALLET using your NAIRA Bank account with a limit of about $400 using our P2P TRADERS  (AGENTS) who would transfer the equivalent worth of the funds to your TRADING WALLET after confirming your NGN NAIRA PAYMENTS.


I Would Like To Register and Manage 2 STEEMVERSE ACCOUNTS. Is It Possible?

Kindly be informed that all STEEMVERSE Accounts need to go through a secure - privacy-checked vetting process, as such, before accounts are APPROVED. 
Once an account is approved, it cannot be re-registered. Hence; multiple registrations are disallowed. 


Why Is The Limit For Funding STEEM-USD pegged at $400 and TETHER USDT pegged at $50,000?

This is completely simple. STEEM-USD Liquidity withdrawals are processed almost instantly to our Nigerian traders in Naira. As such, to ensure that the Nigerian Payment Inter-Bank Settlement System does not get clouded, choked up with too many large denominations of bulk transfers which slows down the trading pace, and speed of our TRADERS, we decided to peg a limit with the amount TRADERS for Nigerian Naira can get their STEEM-USD Funded through our P2P TRADERS in Naira. 

STEEM-USD limit is pegged at $400 to ensure NAIRA PAYMENTS through our BANKING Channels are paid out within mins almost instantly. This is a result of smaller denominations of values of transactions getting to be processed faster on the NAIRA Banking platform.


Minimum Amount to get Funded: $15

Maximum Amount to get Funded: $400

If you wish to TRADE more than this LIMIT to up to $50,000, kindly trade using TETHER USDT by trading the STEEM/USDT pair directly on the platform for unlimited Tradings. TETHER USDT does not slow down Liquidity Processing instantly because it runs on the Tether USDT Blockchain


Minimum Amount to get Funded: $15

Maximum Amount to get Funded: $50,000



Due to Market forces and to correlate demand and supply of CRYPTO FUNDS Buy and Selling which is done using the ARBITRAGE Technique as already explained in the BLUEPRINT, it takes, approximately 10 days for each Crypto Arbitrage Transaction to be completed. You would be able to get your TETHER USDT Liquidity Cashout instantly if you funded via TETHER USDT and you would be able to get your NAIRA DENOMINATED FIAT CURRENCY FOR STEEM USD every Friday from 7am to 10am


How Do I Withdraw My SOLD CRYPTO Trading from The Liquidity on STEEMVERSE?

This is very easy to do. Once you have fully sold your TRADING FUNDS either USDT or STEEM USD on the STEEMVERSE SPOT MARKET, You now need to get your funds completely traded from the LIQUIDITY to your WALLET or to your Bank Account.

1. If you traded via TETHER USDT, you do not need to wait at a time for LIQUIDITY PAYOUT. You can instantly withdraw your sold funds from the liquidity at any time of the day instantly. This is because your funds are segregated in the BLOCKCHAIN LIQUIDITY POOL for easy access after trades are completed.

2. If you traded via NAIRA NGN For STEEM USD, you would need to wait every FRIDAYS from 7am to 10am to get your withdrawn payout instantly to your Bank.


What Documents Are Accepted For Account Approval for Trading on STEEMVERSE?

Getting your account approved for trading is very easy. All you have to do is to login to your account. Go to the KYC Accounts Verification and then upload your Government issued ids such as International Passport, Drivers License, NIN Slip, Voted Card, National Identity Card and any other Government related IDs. We also accept a Student ID Card to ensure your account is approved for trading with STEEMVERSE Crypto Arbitrage Trading.


What is The Meaning of STEEMVERSE MARKET WATCH? 

Market Watch is the rate at which potential Crypto Arbitrage traders like you can BUY STEEM-TETHER USDT and STEEM USD trading funds for trading on the STEEM Crypto Arbitrage Trading Platform. The price is determined by the MARKET force of demand on supply. This means, at every opportunity you get the price, due to the economics of the demand and supply curve, prices would definitely increase forcing the price to skyrocket which may also dampen the profit margin you get with us. So endeavour to fund your ACCOUNT in bulk at the prevailing market price quickly for substantial profits.


They can be found here ==>>  https://steemverse.com/agents .These are  TRADERS  (AGENTS) that you can pay in NGN - NAIRA Local rates, to get your STEEM USD Account funded using NAIRA. You send you STEEM USD after you have paid them in your local naira prevailing rate NGN.

You cannot fund more than $400 per week with any of our P2P TRADERS (AGENTS). If you wish to trade and fund more than this limitation with our P2P TRADERS (AGENTS), kindly get your STEEM - TETHER USDT wallet funded.



You can fund your STEEM - TETHER USDT WALLET using a centralized account using Binance, Kucoin, or Huobi and make a minimum deposit of $15. Please be informed that you must have a minimum of $17. This is a result of the charges from ($1 Binance withdrawal charges and $1 for STEEMVERSE Deposit charges as well). 

If you also wish to make a funding deposit using WALLETS such as Trust Wallet, Coinomi and other decentralized wallets, you must have a minimum balance of $17 in them to ensure your DEPOSITS are instantly FUNDED.

Please do not make a DEPOSIT less than $15 - If you do, your account would not be funded and the funds cannot be refunded/ reflect.

How Much Do I Earn REFERRING Someone To STEEMVERSE Crypto Arbitrage Trading Platform? 

You earn an awesome 5%  Referral  Earnings  to your  REFERRAL  NGN  Wallet.